Planning Documents -- Envisioning Our Future

Your Vision for Sacred Heart of Jesus is Important!  Your Ideas are key to shaping the future of Sacred Heart of Jesus and the other five South Shore Catholic Communities of Immaculate Conception, Nativity of the Lord, St. Augustine, St. Paul and St. Veronica.  Our ministries, and those of our sister parishes, will grow and thrive as we evangelize and build community in the South Shore.  But it won't happen without your participation and your ideas.  Envisioning Our Future needs your guidance in identifying priorities for the future as we all work to build the Kingdom of God.

The Envisioning Our Future-II discussion will greatly benefit from hearing the many voices of those who have thoughtfully read and considered the document provided here and who have prayed for guidance and understanding.  The better prepared we all are to share ideas, the more successful our vision for the future will be.

The document below will help you prepare to again take an active role in shaping our future.  It can be read on screen, downloaded to your device, and printed in hard copy, if you wish.  Having this document available at the Envisioning Our Future-II event will very helpful, so plan to bring it with you in paper or electronic form.  We will have limited paper copies available for those not able to access it on line.

"Envisioning Our Future-II -- Strategic Plan" document  The Envisioning Our Future-II discussion on May 10 will focus on this document.  Please read this document in preparation for the discussion.