South Shore Catholic

District 15 South Shore Catholic consists of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, St Francis, Nativity of the Lord Parish, Cudahy, St. Augustine of Hippo Parish, Milwaukee, Immaculate Conception Parish, Milwaukee, St Paul Parish, Milwaukee, and St Veronica, Milwaukee.  These parishes jointly sponsor and support St Thomas Aquinas Academy, a K4 - 8 elementary school located on the St Veronica Parish campus.


     Realizing that within the next three years, the South Shore parishes of St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Paul, St. Veronica, Immaculate Conception, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Nativity of the Lord will be faced with three fewer priests to serve our sacramental needs, representatives of the six parishes came together to ask what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to do to build the Body of Christ in the South Shore parishes and to be just stewards of our resources.  Our parishes have already been collaborating in various ways, including jointly sponsoring and supporting St. Thomas Aquinas Academy as well as sharing staff (Director of Religious Education and Youth Minister), and committees such as Human Concerns and Christian Formation.

    We are by nature protective of what is familiar and safe, but Jesus does not call us to be safe.  He calls us to step out in faith.  So this move to further our collaboration among our parishes is a step in faith that we are called to take. The draft vision statement was presented to all six cluster Parish Council members for their input. To be clear, the hopes and visions being presented ask us to take this step in faith towards continuing collaboration on the following:



· Each parish will retain its own name, worship site, history, culture and identity.

· Develop a system for the parishes in the cluster to maximize and/or share staff, ministries and programs as well as focusing on developing new ministries.

· Following Canon Law, each parish will retain its own Trustees, Finance Commission, and monitor its own finances and parish property.  Common expenses will be paid through an agreed upon assessment (e.g., Director of Religious Education). 

· Some parish ministries may become cluster ministries.  This is an opportunity to strengthen our sacramental preparation program(s), religious education, youth ministry, adult formation, human concerns, liturgical ministry training and stewardship.  By sharing our gifts and talents with one another we open ourselves even more to the work of the Holy Spirit and become stronger. 

· Individual Pastoral Councils will continue to meet and function in each of the six parishes with joint cluster Council meetings to be held four times a year.

St. Veronica: 4:15pm (Confessions at 3:15pm)
Immaculate Conception:  4:30pm (Confessions at 3:30pm)

Nativity of The Lord:  8:30am
St. Paul:  8:45am
Immaculate Conception:  9am
Sacred Heart of Jesus:  10:15am
St. Veronica:  10:30am
St. Augustine:  11am
Nativity of The Lord:  5pm (Confessions at 4:15pm)

Monday - Nativity of The Lord:  8:30am
Tuesday - St. Augustine:  8:30am; Sacred Heart:  6pm (Reconciliation at 5:30pm)
Wednesday - St. Veronica:  8:30am (8:05am if school is in session)
Thursday - Immaculate Conception:  7am; St. Paul:  6pm (Adoremus – Adoration & Reconciliation at 5:30pm)
Friday - Immaculate Conception:  7am; St. Paul:  8:30am (Confessions at 9am)