Welcome and thank you for visiting the Sacred Heart of Jesus website! Sacred Heart has been serving parishioners and our community for over 140 years.  Our parish family strives to create a caring, Christian community through worship, spiritual formation, community outreach and fiscal management. 

We welcome you to pray with us at any time. 


We've made it!!!  Enough money has been donated to replace 7 window panels on both the east and west sides with stained glass.  We thank all who contributed to this project for giving so generously.  Give thanks to the Lord!! 


We offer online giving for interested parishioners who wish to contribute to the parish.  The program allows for your complete control of your contribution.  You control how much and how often you contribute.  You can change your contribution any time you wish.  All bank information is strictly confidential and only you have this information.  You may contribute by savings or checking account or by credit card.  You will need the account number along with the routing number to your financial institution to complete the registration.  Type the web address to get started:  https://www.osvonlinegiving.com/1414.

Mass Times

Saturday 5:30pm Sunday 10:00am

Monday 8:00am Wednesday 6:00pm

St Paul Sat 4:00pm Sun 9:00am
Nativity o/t Lord Sat 4:30pm Sun 8:30am
St Veronica Sat 4:15pm Sun 10:30am
I.C. Sat 5:00pm Sun 9:00am
St Augustine Sat 4:00pm Sun 11:00am

St Paul Tues & Fri 8:00am
Nativity o/t Lord Wed & Fri 8:15am
St Veronica Mon & Thurs 8:15am
I.C. Wed, Thurs & Fri 7:00am
St Augustine Tues & Thurs 8:30am


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Monday Noon - 6:00pm
Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 9:00 - 3:00pm